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Swap & Personalise: How To Customise Your ION8

If you love ION8 as much as we do, you may find it hard to keep track of which bottle belongs to who in your home.

There are a number of you can customise your bottle to ensure everyone knows which is yours.

There are over 200 ION8 OneTouch designs and colours available in four bottle models including small Pod, medium Slim, Large Tour and extra large Quench.

However, there are only two different lid sizes for each of these products.

Swap lids

All small Pod and medium Slim lids are interchangeable and fully compatible with each other regardless of the colour.

This is also the case across all materials including BPA Free Recyclon®, single wall steel and double wall vacuum steel.

The same lid size id also used on the large Tour and extra large Quench bottles, meaning you can mix and match these lids and bottles too.

Swap these lids to create a custom ION8 OneTouch bottle combination which is unique to your style.

Make it yours

If you really want to make your ION8 OneTouch bottle special, we also offer the option to personalise and co-brand for businesses.

This is available for any material in blue, navy, red and black and can be for personal use, gifting to clients, or selling at branded events.

Information about personalization and co-branding can be found here.

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