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Straps or Handles: Which is Better For Carrying Your ION8?

A water bottle is more than just a drinking vessel, it is an on-the-go fashion accessory which needs to be both stylish and versatile.

Back when we started making bottles in 2016 each item would have a wrist strap attached at the top of the bottle which would be used for carrying around the product.

At ION8 we like to constantly improve our products to give our customers the best experiences, and we felt the strap could be replaced with something better.

Fixed and removable straps

Many bottle companies in the market offer both fixed and removable straps as a way of giving customers the option to choose how they carry around their bottle.

But we found the fixed ones would be difficult to clean and remain soaking for hours after washing, and the alternative removable strap could easily be lost and would be too inconvenient to replace over time.

Our third option was to switch the strap to a handle which could be used for carrying the bottle and would fit neatly into the lid of the bottle when not in use.

Straps are less hygienic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, there was an increased focus on the hygiene levels of reusable products and especially drinking bottles.

With the wrist straps being made from fabric, they were more likely to carry and spread germs than a plastic alternative.

With them having a large surface area they could pick up dirt from the users hands as well as brush against external surfaces.

Younger ION8 users also had a habit of chewing on these straps which could lead to more illnesses and bacteria spreading.

Handles are easier to clean

With the straps being connected to the bottles with a plastic ring, it made it difficult to get into the small crevices to clean and remove dirt.

By creating a smaller and crevice free handle design we made created a safer and cleaner bottle which could be carried with just one hand.

The plastic handle makes cleaning the handle and main bottle body easier and avoids the issue of spreading more bacteria.

Bottles hold more liquid than ever before

As we innovated the bottles, the new design also allowed for more internal volume to be held without any change to the external size.

Our smallest Pod range increased from 350ml to 400ml and well as our medium Slim range from 500ml to 600ml.

And we added integrated hand grips to our 750ml Tour and 1 litre Quench range to make these bottles easier to hold on the move.

Rigorous testing

The handle was test for months to ensure it was the perfect solution.

We created the rounded shape to ensure no discomfort would felt when being held on one finger.

Additionally, we made it large enough to fit just one adult finger but small enough for little hands to hold it too.

Clicking into the lid is our most recent innovation which allows for the handles to be put away when not in use, ensuring it stays protected and doesn’t rattle against the main bottle body.

The handles are designed to be held, hung, hooked, or attached to carabiners so that no matter the adventure your ION8 is ready to face those challenges with you.

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