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Are ION8 Steel Bottles Really Heavier Than Plastic Ones?

Every individual is different in the amount of water need hydrate, as well as the preferred water bottle size and material.

Here at ION8 we offer four different sized bottles of small, medium, large and extra large made from three material including Recyclon, steel and insulated steel.

Regardless of the material, the shape across each size remains the same so you can buy any material and enjoy the same level of convenience.

Steel bottles are often not seen as the best bottle choice for the simple reason that they seem much heavier than a plastic sports bottle. But are they really heavier?

Plastic and steel bottle weights

For an ION8 water bottle, although the empty steel and insulated steel bottles are heavier than the Recylon plastic model, when a bottle is filled with liquid it is almost exactly the same weight.

But how is this possible? Let us explain.

Using the chart below we have highlighted the empty bottle weights of our medium sized OneTouch Slim range which includes Recylon, steel and insulated steel bottles.

As seen in the bar chart the Recylon weighs in at 132g, whereas the steel weighs 164g, and insulated is almost 100 grams more at 253g.

As predicted, as the material changes so does the weight of the bottle meaning if you were to carry around an empty bottle you would find it a bit heavier.

But the truth is, we rarely ever carry around an empty bottle.

Filled bottles weigh the same amount

Now lets take a look at the same chart which all the bottles filled with water.

As seen in the first chart the comparison between empty bottles has a 100 gram difference, but when compared to the bottles each being filled with water the results are surprising.

In fact when filled the bottles only show a different of 21 grams between the 732g Recyclon and the insulated steel at 753g, and only a further 11 grams for the 764g steel.

Material does not affect weight

This means regardless of your bottle material, the weight you will carry around is more or less the same.

And although the insulated steel carries a slightly smaller amount of liquid due to its thermal insulation, it keeps the water cold for hours.

So next time you are purchasing an ION8 OneTouch water bottle, you can be sure that no matter the material, the weight of the filled bottle will hardly change.

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