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Why an ION8 Bottle is the Ultimate Hydration Companion

With so many water bottle brands around, it is difficult to know what makes one better than the other.

Here at ION8 we try to make our bottles fit the needs of each individual users, from morning coffee mugs to hydrating gym bottles.

One of the ways is by offering a range of bottles sizes made from a mixture of materials to ensure there is an ION8 bottle for every situation.

Four sizes three materials

ION8 OneTouch 2.0 product range contains four sizes for each of our models including the small Pod, medium Slim, Large Tour and extra large Quench which hold varying volumes.

Each of our models can also be purchased in three different materials including BPA Free Recyclon® Polymer, Single Wall Steel, and Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Steel.

What is Recyclon®?

As part of our ethos, at ION8 we like to ensure our products are climate friendly and carbon neutral to produce zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Recyclon® is our most popular material and is a transparent carbon neutral bio-based plastic made from plant biomass materials.

By using this material we reduce the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions released which are contributing to global warming.

Recyclon® also has a lower melting point meaning it can be processed at a reduced temperature and cycle time during the manufacturing process.

As a result it dramatically reduces the amount of energy used to produce the bottles.

Single wall steel vs Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Steel

As for our steel bottles they are made from pro-grade steel making them carbon neutral and extremely durable products that last for years.

The main difference between our steel bottles is double wall steel is insulated and protects the temperature of hot and cold drinks for hours.

As for our single wall steel, it has the extremely durable quality of steel but is not vacuum insulated so will not keep drinks hot or cold for long.

Size matters

Despite these difference we try to maintain the highest level of convenience so that the user can enjoy the same size of bottle in a range of materials.

With all four ION8 OneTouch 2.0 models even if the material of the bottle changes the size remains the same.

Although this causes the volumes held by each bottle to be slightly more or less, at ION8 we believe function should never get in the way of style.

Below are the specifications for our ION8 OneTouch 2.0 range including size, weight and volume:

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