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The Secret to the ION8 Anti Drop and Easy Grasp Design

When we started to design our new ION8 OneTouch 2.0 lid, we wanted to ensure that your water bottle would we 100% leakproof as well as being safe from slipping out users hands.

The evolution of the ION8 OneTouch lid has meant we not only have changed the design of the button and latch to triple lock security, but also the way the bottle sits in the users hands.

After receiving customer feedback we customised the lid to suit any user no matter their hand size with three main design components.

1. Hooked lid profile

    Our first and most prominent change is the hooked lid profile which protrudes ever so slightly out from the rest of the lid.

    The reason for this is to create an anti drop feature when holding the bottle with one hand, as well as making it easier to pull the bottle out from bag when still or on the move.

    It also allows for easy grasp for little and large hands, so no matter the user they can still benefit from the safety feature.

    2. Diamond textured grip

    The second element to the anti drop and easy grasp design is the diamond textured grip around the base of the ION8 water bottle lid.

    This signature element of every ION8 product has been created to stop the bottle slipping in the users hands when holding and drinking from the bottle.

    It helps to keep the bottle in place when drinking to ensure the user always enjoys a smooth flowing and spill-free experience when drinking.

    3. Integrated carry handle

    Our last feature to ensure easy of use is the integrated carry handle which in our new ION8 OneTouch 2.0 range clips out of the way into the cover of the lid.

    This gives the handles a greater 360° access than the ION8 OneTouch 1.0 range and makes it easier to grab the handle in any situation.

    The clipping away of the handle also protects it from being damaged and stops it rattling against the main bottle body.

    And the rounded ring shape ensures there is no discomfort when holding the handle on one finger.

    Safe and reliable

    With any product created at ION8 we aim to deliver a drinking experience unlike any other in both functional use as well as overall enjoyment.

    With these three features we ensure a leakproof bottle which is anti drop, anti slip, and easy to grasp, making it the ultimate hydration companion.

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